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T-shirts and sweatshirts are indispensable attributes of children's closet.

admin 2020-11-20

Therefore, such things are especially demanding, because they must withstand repeated washing, ironing, not too neat sock - children like to actively move, climb and jump.

T-shirt, sweatshirt: we pay attention to details.

 T-shirts take a very important place in a child's closet. The child should have a lot of T-shirts: discreet models of grey, blue, green colors are suitable for walking, visiting the garden. Stylish variants with drawings, inscriptions, volumetric embroidery and decor are a good choice if you need to dress up somewhere pretty and at the same time not pretentious.

            The ideal material for a child or adolescent T-shirt, such as a T-shirt for boys, is still the same cotton. It has no competitors at all when it comes to hypoallergenicity, breathability, hygiene.

            A sweatshirt will be useful for a child in cool weather. Here the choice is solely a matter of taste of a young fashionista or fashionista, provided, of course, that you have to choose between quality things made of natural, pleasant to the touch fabric, with carefully processed seams.

For girls who love everything elegant, glamorous and necessarily feminine, we recommend long models of sweatshirts, with ruffles and lace. Despite its resemblance to the dress, this hoodie is very comfortable and practical.

For girls, who love sports, choose things in a concise style: for example, with a zipper and a soft elastic collar, in this one it is convenient to run, and with jeans, sports pants it will combine perfectly.

Boys of preschool age will like warm, soft models, for example, with knitted cuffs, while mom will surely appreciate the high collar, which protects from cool air and wind. If you need to pick up something discreet, take the things of practical color - they fit well with most of the colors of any boy's closet: blue, burgundy, brown, blue and green.

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