The fairy tale characters of Lalunz

The fairy tale characters of Lalunz


One of the main advantages of Lalunz is that Lalunz has its own fairy tale characters. Each of them has a different character, temperament and is very popular with our little customers.

All of our characters live in Karahunj.

Let's get to know them.

Reindeer Lalu is our kindest, most fragile, friendliest and smartest character. Although he is still very young and doesn't go to school, he already knows how to read and write. Lalu loves to play, sing, dance and tell stories.

One of Lalu's best friends is Kaytsak turtle. Of course, you know that turtles are very slow. When our turtle was born, his mom decided to give it some more thought when choosing a name. And can you imagine, she's still choosing a name? But his turtle friends did not leave him without a name and jokingly nicknamed him Lightning, because he is the fastest of all turtles.

Our stork Franklin thinks he's half French. And you know why? Before her son was born, Franklin's mother dreamed of flying to France. She dreamed of flying around the Eiffel Tower so much that she decided to name her son Franklin to feel closer to France. Franklin speaks excellent French and loves to travel.

The hedgehogs Lala and Lele are sister and brother. Even though they fight all day long, they still love each other very much and are always together. Lele plays beautifully and Lala sings so well that her friends ask her to sing every day.

The smallest resident of Karoundj is Arshaluysik. Arshaluysik is extremely kind. One day he found out that his friends can't wake up on time in the morning and are always late for work. Since that day, every morning Arshaluysik flies through the forest and wakes up his favorite friends with his cheerful chirping.

Gosh bear came to Karahunj from the Tavush region. He loves traveling so much that he fell in love with Ukhtasar and Zorac Karer and became so close to the local people that he stayed here to live. Gosh loves to read books, he makes up fables and writes poems like Mkhitar Gosh.

But Gosh bear didn't travel alone and arrived in Karahunj with a cute little fluffy bunny named Pamplik.

And perhaps the most mischievous character in our fairy tale world is Moghi lizard. Moghi originally came to Caraunge to uncover the secrets of Caraunge, and befriended the locals to achieve his selfish goals. However, thanks to the kind and friendly nature of our fairy tale characters, he was able to realize his mistakes and became one of their best and most beloved friends.

The only human character in the fairy tale world of Lalunts is our beautiful little Armenian girl. This little girl has only recently appeared in Karahunj, but due to her beauty, kindness and care she is extremely loved by the representatives of the animal world. She is intelligent and loves to read books. Loves flowers, especially lilacs. Tells our heroes endless interesting stories and comes up with fun games for them.

Well, you have fallen in love with all our heroes too, haven't you? Then we are already friends.