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How do you choose school clothes? What should You pay attention to?

admin 2020-08-11

1․ Where do you start?

To start choosing school uniforms, you need to find out what restrictions apply at your child's school. If the school does not have a uniform, you should find out if the school has any restrictions on the colour and style of the school clothes. 

You can then proceed to point two.

2. Health, first of all!

When choosing a school uniform, the first thing you need to know is the clothing material. There should be as natural fabrics as possible.

According to standards, school uniforms should consist mostly of natural fibers. In shirts, blouses, the percentage of natural components should be at least 65%. In suits, however, this figure is lower and equal to 45%, but there must be a natural (at least viscose) lining. It is necessary to adhere to these norms and not to fall below the specified figures. It really depends on the health of the child, because natural fabrics make it possible for clothes to breathe. The most suitable fabrics are wool (or half wool fabric), cotton or вискоза․. They are as pleasant to the body as possible and have ventilating properties. With synthetics, the skin cannot breathe, resulting in sweating and a constant accumulation of harmful microorganisms under clothing. Specialists advise that cotton and linen are best suited for school uniforms for autumn and spring, wool and cashmere for winter. But, at the same time, synthetics can still be present.

3. Synthetics are a bit possible and necessary.

Synthetic fabrics have one privilege, many of them don't wrinkle. So a certain percentage of synthetic fibres in school uniform is desirable. In addition to health, the appearance is also important, and clothing made of 100% natural fibers will be remembered at the first break. Also, completely natural fabrics quickly lose their color and are very difficult to care for. All this leads to an obligatory percentage of synthetics, the main thing is not to buy a fully synthetic school uniform. You should also pay attention to the labels, where you can find all the information on care. The uniform must be washed, not passed химчистку։ so it is easier, and such clothes will be less polluted.

4. Size in size.

Many parents buy clothes for growing up. Sometimes it happens and vice versa, girls, wanting to show their slimness, make their parents buy clothes a size smaller. In both cases, the actions are very wrong. It is better to buy children's clothes in time, it will be the ideal solution. The child will be comfortable during the lessons and during the breaks, playing different games. 

5. Fashion and styles.

It's an important question, it's a question of fashion, what to wear. Besides the fact that the school uniform should be of high quality and comfortable, a child should definitely like it. The child should feel confident in school clothes. Odanako parents should explain to their children that the school uniform is not a fashion accessory, it should be modest so as not to distract from the learning process. So try to find a compromise that makes your daughter or son look beautiful and modest at the same time. 

6. The final touch is color.

The colour of the school uniform is also an important factor in a child's development. Colors are best chosen muted, not bright. According to psychologists, bright colors are annoying and tiresome, even the same white and black. This, of course, is a trifle, but science says about the extreme importance of color in human life.

We wish you success in the coming school year!

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