Lalunz is already 4 years old

Lalunz is already 4 years old


On June 1, Lalunz celebrated its 4-year anniversary.


As we celebrate our anniversary, let's take stock of our accomplishments during those 4 years.

💛 Starting with only 5 employees, today our team has about 50 people,

💛From a small experimental room, today we have a cozy workshop and 4 branches,

💛 Starting with 1-2 models, today we have a stylish, quality and comfortable assortment, which we are constantly replenishing.

💛 Starting only with children's clothing production, today we have a corporate department and provide uniforms to the best companies.


And most importantly, we have always stayed true to our mission:

◈ to provide the highest level of service,

◈ to evolve to create new jobs,

◈ to be there for our beloved customers, relieving their worries,

◈ make our modest contribution to the development of the Armenian industry.


In only 4 years we have got a big army of permanent customers, who are always with us and with their presence and satisfaction motivate us to strive for more and to improve day by day.


We still have a lot to do, but we go forward fearlessly, because your love and trust is a big incentive for us...


Thank you for being with us all these years.