February 15 - International Children with Cancer Day

February 15 - International Children with Cancer Day


According to medical statistics, about 200 thousand children get cancer every year in the world.

Since timely diagnosis is considered to be the key to successful cancer treatment, on this day educational lectures, conferences and seminars related to this topic are held in different countries of the world. Public organizations hold actions and flash mobs to draw attention to urgent health problems. Charitable foundations raise funds to help those who suffer from the disease.

Lalunz values and cherishes the physical and mental health of children. Our goal is to give children the gift of love and affection. That is why we have created a special capsule collection "Rays of Kindness", which is based on love for children. On each model of the collection you will see some image, inscription or print, which are motivating and emphasize our optimism, our readiness to be close to children and support them.

We will donate 15% of the proceeds from the sale of this collection to the "City of smile" charity fund to make at least a small contribution to the treatment of children with cancer.

The "City of smile" or "City of smiles" charity foundation was created to support people with blood cancers. Their mission is to be there for them and their families and help them through the difficult journey of overcoming cancer with dignity.

On the eve of Children with Cancer Day, Lalunz visited City of smiles Medical Center to be by the children's side and give them love and warmth.

Models from our "Rays of Kindness" collection will give hope and warmth to children undergoing treatment at the center.

May all children in the world be healthy.